Dr. Jean Bausch GmbH & Co. KG is a company located at Germany. Founded by dentists Dr. Jean Bausch (1884 – 1966) and his son, Dr. Hans Bausch (1928 – 1998) in 1953, Bausch has always kept occlusion at the core of every product they create. Supported by his father, Dr. Hans Bausch studied dentistry in Cologne, Germany after World War II. After tireless work in his own laboratory, he succeeded in developing a unique articulating paper that marks intensively on moist surfaces. Bausch Articulating Paper with progressive color transfer was immediately accepted by dentists worldwide, considered revolutionary for its time. Subsequently, micro-thin articulating papers were introduced in the 60′s and ultra-thin articulating-films were added to the assortment in the 70′s. To complete the full line of Bausch occlusion test materials, Arti-Spot, a liquid high spot indicator was developed in the 80′s.