Myungsung C&M is a company located in South Korea. Myungsung C&M,sell corrective products in the Korean market since we started as Myung Sung OMS in 1996. Myung Sung OMS produces Orthodontic Mini Implants as an OEM since 2003. Myung Sung OMS is increasing its brand awareness as an Orthodontic Mini Implant manufacturer. In 2015, based on continuous participation in overseas exhibitions, we found Myungsung C&M as a Korean orthodontic material manufacturer through vast business experience. Now, Myungsung C&M develops a variety of products which catches the interest of numerous buyers across the world. Myungsung C&M’s goal is to constantly develop and provide dental equipment with stable quality to customers. Myungsung C&M promises to become a better company considering the needs of customers and the comfortable treatment of patients.