Having been brought up in the dental industry through his family’s involvement in several successful business ventures, Bryan Tapocik, Founder of IPB, Inc., located at Highland, USA, launched Innovative Product Brands in 2001 with a vision to disrupt existing supply chains and allow our customers to realize unprecedented cost savings in order to make dentistry more affordable. After forming several strategic partnerships in 2004, IPB has grown to include manufacturing and warehousing operations in Asia and North America with global distribution capabilities. Along with geographic expansion, we have broadened our core competencies to include medical and cosmetic product development and manufacturing. In the years following the inception of IPB, Mr. Tapocik focused on the creation of unique solutions for his customers and as a result he holds 23 patents on market disrupting technologies such as EZ Dose™ and DentMix™. This intellectual property, along with our ISO 13485 designation and FDA registration as a contract manufacturer, propelled us to unprecedented growth over the past five years. To accommodate the growth and position the company for further expansion, facilities and platform capabilities were augmented in 2017 to expanded locations in IPB’s native California. Entering the new decade, IPB has made significant investments in individuals with expertise in key industry segments, focusing on further vertical integration and portfolio expansion. This pivot will allow IPB to continue on a strong growth trajectory and better serve our growing customer base. Thank you for your ongoing support and we look forward to continuing to provide you with unique offerings and excellent service in 2020 and beyond!