Sure Dent

Sure Dent Corporation is a global dental appliance manufacturer located at South Korea – exports top quality endodontic and tissue management products to over 130 dealers in 90 countries. Gutta Percha product is the first and foremost, and we produce various products including Absorbent Paper Point, Calcium-Hydroxide Paste, EDTA Prep, Bioceramic Sealer, Retraction Cord, and Hemostasis Cord. Since the establishment of Sure-Dent in 1974, our product has been recognized as a high-quality and high-reliability in global markets, including the United States and Europe, and has continued to build business partnerships with customers. Based on the transparency and reliability of the production process, Sure Dent has achieved certification from ISO:13485, GMP, etc., and is striving to develop better products through active R&D.